Advantages of MobilGest

MobilGest makes managing file updates to the mobile device from any source and format, including HTML files, databases, documents and other electronic content. It also enables deployment and maintenance of applications, making changes through wireless networks to which you can connect your device such as WiFi or UMTS networks.

Ventajas de MobilGest

Process Automation

With MobilGest, you can customize and automate tasks facilitating the work of the IT department.

Templates for customizing activities for different user groups.
File Transfer sessions or processes that can be started from the web interface.
Device Configuration Management: access control, audio settings, etc.


Ventajas de MobilGest

Connection management

MobilGest uses a smart design architecture that optimizes the ability to take adequate time to manage and deploy mobile devices decisions. It has functions of connection management fully developed for the deployment of the installed base through MSM and email messages, so there is no need for physical access or remotely to the device you want to install.
Allows you to manage:

                    • Scheduling tasks and priorities.
                    • Control of content, timing, parameters and method of communication.
                    • Enables scheduling more efficient completion times.

Top Features

  • Security
    • Centralized management of corporate security policies.
    • Email and PIM encryption in the mobile device.
    • Data encryption in communications.
  • Central management and control
    • Administration and management of security from a web portal.
    • Updated data and applications, as needed.
    • Managing groups or users.
    • Over-the-air software distribution.
    • Minimal user intervention is required.
  • Push e-mail
    • OneBridge push email.
    • Push email Microsoft (SP2).
  • Any mobile device
    • Windows
    • Blackberry
    • Android
    • iOS
  • Any wireless
    • GPRS/EDGE/3G, W-LAN, for example, 802.11b / g, Infrared, Bluetooth.

Management and security from a single console