Google ha anunciado la desaprobación de algunas funciones disponibles con Device Admin. 

A continuación mostramos las preguntas más frecuentes al respecto (EN):


What is device admin mode?

Device admin APIs were introduced in Android 2.2. It provided Android devices with an administration API. This API is in widespread use today. Since Android 5.0, Google has introduced the Android enterprise modes for support work profile and managed devices that is the future of Android enterprise features. Google has started deprecating some features in Device Admin - for example with Android 7.0, EMMs no longer can reset the device passcode with Device Admin. This limited the ability of EMMs to unlock Android devices unless you are deployed with a managed device (device owner).

What is the impact of the device admin features that will be deprecated?

The following features are planned to be deprecated with Android "P" and will no longer be functional with Android "Q". This means that admins will no longer be able to apply policies on these features.

Device password policies, including setting the length limit and quality (alphanumeric, PIN, simple)

Device keyguard (lock screen) policies, including whether users can enable Smart Lock


Camera access.

When will this happen?

These APIs will be deprecated in next major Android release in 2018 and stop working with the 2019 release of Android. These affect only apps that target new API levels. MobileIron’s EMM client will target new Android API levels within 12 months of its introduction.

Will MobileIron still be able to enroll devices with Device Admin?

Yes. We expect that Device Admin will still be supported in Android. Some consumer Android features (like Android device manager) will continue to rely on Device Admin permissions to function.

What about existing AppConnect deployments?

AppConnect is independent of the device admin management functionality. We expect customers can still use AppConnect, with or without device admin. Per Google's guidance, starting with Android Q, we expect AppConnect deployments to no longer have ability to apply some device password policies, or enable/disable keyguard and limit camera access.

What is MobileIron's recommendation?

Companies deploying with device admin should start evaluating Android enterprise (work profile, work managed devices or managed devices with work profile).

Will other OEM API integrations be impacted?

We don't expect any impact to existing OEM integrations.