Effective July 31st, 2015, the KNOX EMM product from Samsung Electronics will be transferred to Samsung SDS and rebranded as CellWe EMM. From this date forward, Samsung SDS will be responsible for all business associated with this product including product updates, technical support, and customer service. All assets including the KNOX EMM cloud portal and the KNOX EMM mobile app on the device will be renamed to CellWe EMM, and the app icon will change to the new branding as well.
Although the EMM service will be operated and delivered by another entity, you can still rely on the same Samsung brand that you have trusted in the past. You will still receive the same high quality service under the name of Samsung.
We understand that this transition represents a change in the product name, but we want to assure you that our services will not be negatively affected in any way. Samsung SDS is committed to delivering a world-class mobile security solution.
This email is just to notify you of the change, no action is required on your part. You can continue to use the EMM service as usual. Please also continue to send inquiries and business transactions to your current customer service and sales representatives. Our online Support Service can be accessed at http://www.samsungknox.com/support.
We are committed to continued diligence in protecting your information and would also like to express our gratitude for your loyalty and support. We are confident that this transition will position us to serve you even better.

About Samsung SDS
Established in 1985, Samsung SDS has been leading Korea's ICT industry and providing premier ICT services to clients around the world, with various solutions such as Common Criteria certified On-Premise EMM. Samsung SDS is independent from Samsung Electronics and a publicly traded company that provides systems integration solutions on a global basis.