SOTI is pleased to announce the general availability of SOTI MobiControl 12.4.
The MobiControl 12.4 release is focused on support for iOS 9, and enhanced identity management through the integration with Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE).
Key highlights of this release include:  

iOS 9 Support

iOS 9 is Apple’s latest iteration of the iOS platform designed to improve the end user experience for iOS users. iOS 9 is an incremental update from Apple designed to build upon the significant features introduced in the iOS 8 release. For enterprises, iOS 9 introduces important new manageability features for enrollment, configuration and application deployment designed to make it easier for enterprise IT to manage the platform. A big focus of iOS 9 for enterprise deployments is the concept of “shared device deployments” that align closely with Apple’s corporate-liable focused enterprise programs. Apple’s corporate-liable focus is an acknowledgment of iOS extending beyond BYOD into additional enterprise scenarios including vertical LOB use.  


Expanded Setup Assistant support – MobiControl can now manage additional Setup Assistant workflows including Apple Watch pairing and Android Migration (new for iOS 9)


SOTI MobiControl 12.4 streamlines application management with a series of enhancements designed to improve the user experience around application deployment for both end users and IT administrators.


SOTI MobiControl 12.4 provides IT administrators increased device management capabilities for corporate-liable iOS deployments with additional feature controls designed to restrict device activities for business use.

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

SOTI MobiControl 12.4 now supports Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). ISE provides Network Access Control (NAC) capabilities that work in conjunction with the intelligence MobiControl has of an organization’s mobile devices to govern the device’s network access to enterprise resources. Through the integration with Cisco ISE, MobiControl acts as a source of truth for device posture and compliance. Once the device is enrolled in MobiControl, ISE will use device identity and security information from MobiControl to determine which network resources the device can connect to. ISE works with MobiControl to verify security policies have been provisioned for the device, maintaining a connection to MobiControl to continually evaluate security/compliance posture information from managed devices in order to determine changes in status where remedial action may be required.